Which motorcycle to choose according to your morphology?



The rider’s morphology, an essential criterion when buying

While a car can be driven in optimal conditions, regardless of the height and weight of the driver, it is quite different for a two-wheeler. On the one hand, the seat height offers much less latitude than the seat of an automobile and on the other hand, the space is much more limited .

These two aspects do not mean that a light and small rider will be comfortable on any motorcycle.

The sports bike

With performance and attractive aesthetics, the sports car imposes a particular riding position , the rider and his machine having to be one.

Large sizes will therefore have difficulty finding their place, just as a slightly heavy rider will have difficulty fitting into the triangle made up of the fairing, the tank and the handlebars.

A sports motorcycle is above all designed to drive fast, the notion of comfort being relegated to the background.

Once the rider is in the saddle, a trial offers real pleasure with an ideal position that is easy to find, whatever its size.

In urban use , however, this type of motorcycle risks becoming tiring for small sizes . The often high saddle height only allows them to stabilize the bike with the help of their tiptoes.

Frequent stops therefore become a source of fatigue and sometimes of danger if the motorcycle is unbalanced and falls.

How to choose your motorcycle when you are a woman?

Forget the soles that will raise you a few centimeters, it’s up to the bike to be adapted to your size and not the other way around .

Since more and more women are riding the handlebars, manufacturers are following this trend with models that are more in tune with a woman’s physique, for example easily adjustable saddle heights .

Who says motorcycle, says specific equipment. Watch out for models of clothing that are too “feminine” in which the thickness of the materials is reduced for a more slender line. This impairs efficiency and protects you less well in the event of a fall or accident.Woman and her scooter

A motorcycle that is poorly adapted to its use wears out faster

In the same way that an individual has his or her ideal weight, a motorcycle must function under the conditions for which it was designed . This particular shape of the body mass index adapted to a motorcycle allows optimal use and normal wear of the mechanical elements.

If a 125 cm3 permanently at its maximum will wear out faster than average, a large displacement most often in under-rev will suffer just as much and show signs of premature wear.

A motorcycle that is not perfectly adapted to the morphology of the rider should not necessarily make you give up on its purchase. You just have to be aware of the possible problems encountered by adapting your behavior and your riding position as best you can.

Choose your two-wheeler according to its type and condition

You have defined your profile and your use, you still have to ask yourself two essential questions: the type of two-wheeler (motorcycle or scooter) and its condition (used or new).

Motorbike or Scooter?

Your choice oscillates between a reliable and solid motorcycle or a 125 scooter, the most economical possible. Motorcycles and scooters have advantages depending on the use you intend to make of them. Two-wheelers include:

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