Alkhail Transport: Your Trusted Source for Pickup Truck Rentals in Dubai

Pickup Truck Rentals


Alkhail Transport is a leading player in the rental industry in Dubai. We serve clients looking for swift. We provide robust. We aspire to meet your pickup truck rental needs.

The Versatile Fleet

Our fleet is diverse. You will find a variety of pickup trucks. You’ll see brands from Ford to Chevrolet. Whatever the job or preference we’ve got it. All of them are well-maintained. They are kept immaculate. They are in excellent condition. If you consider the strength of the engine. Or the cargo space. Or the towing capabilities. Our trucks have it all.

Competitive Pricing

We believe in fair pricing. We offer competitive rates. Without compromise on service. We provide pickup trucks for a day. Or a week. Or a month. Flexible rental packages are also available. All our prices are transparent. There are no hidden charges.

Easy Booking

We have simplified the booking process. It’s stress-free. It’s quick. It’s efficient. Visit our official website. Or drop by our office. We also have a mobile app. Complete the procedure in minutes. We will ensure the truck is ready. We don’t keep you waiting.

Reliable Customer Service

Our customer assistance is our forte. We provide aid round the clock. We offer guidance. We offer clarifications. We believe that good service forms a loyal client base. We prioritize customer satisfaction.


Safety is top in our commitments. All our trucks go through regular inspections. Thorough checks. Necessary maintenance. We ensure that they are roadworthy. Our trucks have safety features inbuilt. They include airbags. And anti-lock braking systems. A secure journey is our guarantee.

Alkhail Transport is your trusted source. We provide pickup truck rentals. We have a dedicated service. Remarkable fleet. Fair prices. Simple booking method. Strict on safety. Robust customer support. We are the solution to your rental needs. Meet all your logistical requirements. Choose Alkhail. Opt for quality. Trust us.

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