ACS Armoured Car Systems: Providing the Best Vehicles for Safety and Protection

Vehicles for Safety and Protection


The company’s mission is to provide customers with top-notch vehicles. They achieve this by understanding the customer´s needs, using industrialized concepts as well as having a broad network of reliable partners. This approach allows them to furnish their customers with exceptional quality vehicles and efficient logistical support.

Bernhard Tomulla, a sales engineer at ACS Armoured Car Systems, sheds light on the company’s mission and background in an interview with body Armor news blog. He also discusses the materials and technologies employed in the production of their vehicles, as well as the precautions taken to guarantee their clients’ safety and security.

The Partnership between ACS Armoured Car Systems and Mercedes

Established in 2003, ACS Armoured Car Systems has developed a close partnership with Mercedes. Their goal is to provide exceptional vehicles to their customers. Every car produced by ACS is built on an industrialized chassis, which serves as a robust and reliable foundation for their vehicles. The company primarily specializes in manufacturing ballistic protection and emergency vehicles. They also offer system integration services. This comprehensive approach allows ACS to provide their customers with an all-encompassing vehicle package, complete with all necessary components and systems. Overall, ACS Armoured Car Systems is dedicated to delivering top-tier vehicles and services that exceed their clients’ expectations.

Innovative Materials and Techniques

According to Bernhard, the materials and technologies utilized for their vehicles’ production depend on the specific type of vehicle. In the case of the small category, various options are available, e.g. the ENOK AB which is an open tactical vehicle, or a protected vehicle as well. The ENOK AB is constructed by combining regular and ballistic steel through welding, resulting in a sturdy floor assembly.

The superstructure of the vehicle is built out of screwed profiles that contain standardized rails, providing it with a high degree of modularity. Importantly, the company has obtained exclusive permission to weld the armored steel from the German Bundeswehr. This is a highly coveted authorization that cannot be purchased.

How ACS Armor Car Systems Ensures the Protection of Their Clients

“We prioritize the safety of our clients above everything else. That’s why we conduct rigorous testing and certification processes to ensure that our vehicles meet the highest standards of the desired protection.” – Bernhard, ACS Armoured Car Systems. If a customer requests a vehicle with a specific level of protection, ACS designs the protection system accordingly. They then take the actual vehicle to a testing facility for evaluation. This process involves shooting at the actual vehicle to assess its strength and resilience. Furthermore, blast certifications are done as well. This way it ensures that it meets the highest standards of protection and safety.

Capacity Struggles: Meeting the Demand for High-Quality Armored Vehicles

When asked about production challenges, Bernhard cited capacity as the biggest obstacle. The company’s books are full, and they’re ramping up production, which requires skilled workers. Finding qualified personnel has been difficult as ACS Armoured Car Systems’ vehicles are complex and require expertise to manufacture. Nonetheless, the company is committed to delivering exceptional quality products. They’re actively working to expand their workforce to meet the increasing demand for their vehicles.

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